the story

Chipstar adventure begins in 2013: just a simple idea to delight potato lovers all over the world,  thanks to high quality fresh products.

On the 12th of December 2013 the first Chipstar  store opened in Italy, specifically in Naples, Vomero.  The inauguration recorded an unprecedented success: never-ending lines outside the shop and more than 14,000 requests for affiliations in just six months.

Chipstar’s successful concept is easy: a combination between top quality products and a reliable  and efficient business model.

Chipstar’s  staff is completely involved into pursuing a process of excellence and innovation:  these are the pillars on which our brand stands.

The study and the continuous observation of those who have worked in this field for decades, the Dutch, has led us to the discovery and implementation of the most ancient traditions, from product research to the selection of the machinery, and to the traditional methods of cooking.

production process

Frying  process is characterize by using cutting-edge technology fryers, which are able to keep the oil temperature always constant, providing a high quality result. Chipstar potatoes are freshly cut, fried twice accordingly to the original dutch tradition, the first time to cook them inside, the second one to cook them outside; this is the secret to obtain crunchy and tasty fries, as tradition holds.

The secrets of Chipstar are high quality raw materials and frying process.

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